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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our longest serving members, Syd Chadderton.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our longest serving members, Syd Chadderton.

Syd Chadderton played for the Club in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Syd was in the 2nd X1 Championship team of 1952 and his last game for the club was in the 70’s turning out in cream flannels for a Woodhouses Village Cup X1, when due to a clash of fixtures, the Club had to put out 3 teams on the day. As always he was keen to step forward and help out the club. He played mainly for the 2nd X1 as a batsman and his cricketing hero was Don Bradman.

Syd had been a member at the club for longer than anyone else. He was more than a half decent batsman, but in his typical self-effacing manner he would always say he was not very good. He loved the game and the Club where he had grown up and had many friends. He featured twice in the North Western cricket League averages in 1960 scoring 351 runs at an average of 25.07 and in 1971 with 233 runs averaging 21.10.

Syd used to work, along with his great friend Richard Belfield, at Ferranti’s of Hollinwood where he was employed as a draughtsman.

Syd also served on the Management Committee for many years where he was also President of the Club for a lengthy spell. He employed his draughtsman’s skills to co- design, with Richard, the tearoom and would when it was under construction undertake the more complicated pieces of joinery work. He was also the go to person for repairs with the numbers on runners in the old scorebox that often broke down.

Syd also used to create promotional posters for club events such as the Sportman’s Dinners and they were brilliant in their design incorporating caricatures of members at the club, all instantly recognisable so good were his artistic talents.

Syd was a true gentleman and was very well liked which is testament to his character and he will be sadly missed by all his friends at Woodhouses Cricket Club.

Syd composed a ‘Roman’ Ode and poster to mark the successful completion of the new tearoom project:-

Being of this time about the turn of

New Millennium, during the reign of

Empero Hardicus for the CC Empire, it

Was decreed that a Bistro be erected under

The stewardship of Architectus Primas

Ricardo of the House of Belini with

Consultant ArchitectusSidoniusChadius

And during this time of plenty the servile

Ones were put to work under the leadership

Of a hired slave from distant Antipodae,


And the Bistro rose in Splendour and

Greatness so that past Emperor Jessus

And GladoniaDavisus and others of the

Belini Line were much pleased

And it came to pass that many Ceremonies

Were enacted and much food was bought

From the House of Belini, so that there were

Many Feasts and much Joy in the Empire

For anyone wishing to pay their respects, Syd’s funeral service takes place tomorrow Friday 10###sup/sup### July - 10h30.

Due to funeral restrictions during the COVID pandemic, please find below the link for the webcasting service. If you click on the link and select ‘watch on web instead’ and then select ‘join anonymously’ it will save anyone having to create a Microsoft Teams account.

Syd Chadderton Webcast Funeral Service Link

The full tribute to Syd can be viewed her

A Tribute to Syd Chadderton


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