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Woodhouses Cricket Club Constitution


Medlock Road Woodhouses, Failsworth

Manchester, M35 9NG


1.NameRevised and Adopted at The Club's Annual General Meeting on 81 November 201O

The name of the Club is Woodhouses Cricket Club and the club colours are maroon, black and white


The purposes of the Club are to foster and promote participation in the amateur sport of cricket within the community, providing facilities for playing cricket, opportunities for recreation, coaching andcompetition.


  • 3.1The Club is affiliated to the England and Wales Cricket Board through the Lancashire CricketBoard.
  • 3.2The Club and its members shall ensure that members, playing and non­playing, abide by the ECB Code of Conduct which incorporates the Spirit of Cricket and by the Laws ofCricket.
  • 3.3The Club shall adopt and implement the ECB Safe Hands -Cricket's Policy forSafeguardingChildrenandanyfutureversionsofthepolicy.
  • 3.4The Club shall adopt and implement the ECB Cricket Equity Policy and any futureversionsofthispolicy.

4.Powers (Permitted means of advancing thePurposes)

The Committee has the power to:

  • 4.1acquire and provide grounds, equipment,coaching, training and playing facilities, clubhouse, transport, medical and relatedfacilities;
  • 4.2provide coaching, training, medical treatment, and related social and other facilities;
  • 4.3take out any insurance for club committee , employees, contractors, players, guests and thirdparties;
  • 4.4raise funds by appeals, subscriptions, loans andcharges;
  • 4.5borrow money and give security for the same, and open bank accounts;
  • 4.6buy, lease or licence property and sell, let or otherwise dispose of the same provided that no disposal of Woodhouses CC's ground can be made without the prior written approval of the members voting at a generalmeeting;
  • 4.7make grants and loans and give guarantees and provide otherbenefits;
  • 4.8set aside or apply funds for special purposes or asreserves;
  • 4.9deposit or invest funds in any lawfulmanner;
  • 4.10employ and engage staff and others and provideservices;
  • 4.11co-operate with any organisation, club, sporting body, government or government-related agencies;and
  • 4.12do all other things reasonably necessary to advance thepurposes.

4.13 The Management Committee may, on special occasions to be fixed and agreed by them, restrict or prohibit the right of admission of members to the ground or clubhouse, except upon such terms and conditions as they shall have decided with reference to any special occasion. Notice of any such restriction shall be exhibited before and/or the day of any such special occasion.

NONE of the above powers may be used other than to advance the purposes consistently with the Rules below and the general law


  • 5.1Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non discriminatory basis.
  • 5.2The Club will have different classes of membership and subscription on a non discriminatory and fair basis. The Club will have an equitable pricing policy and will keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to peopleparticipating.
  • 5.3The Management Committee shall have the power in individual cases to reduce the level of subscription or waive the subscriptions to accommodate people who are on low incomes and less well offfinancially.
  • 5.4The annual subscription payable by members shall be determined at the AGM and notified to themembers.
  • 5.5Subscriptionsforallcategoriesofmembershipshallbecomedueonorafter the 1st April each year. Subscriptions shall be paid in full by the second Saturday in June. Disregard of this rule may entail disqualification of membership.
  • 5.6The dates of period of membership shall be 1 April of each year until31st

March the following year.

  • 5.7The Club will have the following classes of membership:
  • 5.7.1Senior playingmember
  • 5.7.2Socialmember
  • 5.7.3Junior playing member (under the age of 18).
  • 5.7.4SeniorCitizen
  • 5.7.5LifeMember
  • 5.7.6Honorary Life Member
  • 5.7.7Unwagedmembers
  • 5.7.8VicePresident
  • 5.8Application for membership of the Club shall be by completion of a membership applicationform.
  • 5.9No person shall be eligible to take part in the business of the Club, vote at general meetings or be eligible for selection for any Club team unless the applicable subscription has been paid by the due date and/or membership has been agreed by the Club Management Committee. Two days must also have passed since the application for membership was submitted before membership can begranted.

5.1O The Club Management Committee may refuse membership, or remove it, at their discretion but only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or cricket into disrepute and:

  • 5.10.1The Club Management Committee may only refuse to admit a new member if a resolution is passed at a meeting where the person in question has been notified in writing in advance and been given 14 days to submit written representations for the Club Management Committee to consider at the meeting. Appeal against a refusal of membership shall be to the Appeal Committee as detailedbelow.
  • 5.10.2The procedure for taking disciplinary action against a member, including removingmembership,isdealtwithinmoredetailbelow.
  • 5.11All members will be subject to these Rules and by joining the Club will be deemed to accept these Rules, any Club Regulations and any Codes of Conduct that the Club has adopted. A Code of Conduct for Members and Guests must be displayed prominently to ensure that all Club guests and non­ member volunteers are aware of the code and the requirement to abide by it.
  • 5.12The Club Management Committee will keep a register ofmembers.

5.13 Membershipisnottransferableandshallceaseondeath.

5.14 Members shall cease to become members by either resignation or non payment of subscription. Any member whose membership ceases through on payment of his/her subscription cannot be reconsidered again for

Membership unless he / she pays any arrears in full due from him/her from the time he/she ceased membership. Any member wishing to resign must send written notice to the Secretary on or before the first day of May each year otherwise he/she shall be liable for his/her subscription for the year.

6.Management Committee Meetings andProceedings

  • 6.1.The Management Committee shall hold regular meetings to fulfil their responsibilitiesfortheefficientandeffectiverunningoftheclub.Thefrequencyand summoningofmeetingsshallbedeterminedbythe ManagementCommittee.The ManagementCommitteemayfromtimetotimemakeandalterrulesfortheconduct of their business but no rules may be made which are inconsistent with this constitutionorjeopardisetheClub'sstatusasaCommunityAmateurSportsClubas first provided for by the Finance Act 2002 and not in any event alter its purposes (unlesstheproceduresetoutin6.2.hasbeenfollowed)orwindingupprovisions.
  • 6.2.The Club Objects /Purposes may be changed to include another eligible sport if the Management Committee unanimously agree and the members also agree the change by a 75% majority of votescast.
  • 6.3.TheChairpersonshallactastheChairpersonoftheManagementCommittee.If the person is absent from any meetings, the members of the Management Committeeshallchooseoneoftheir numberstobethechairpersonofthemeeting beforeanybusinessistransacted.
  • 6.4.There shall be a quorum when at least 6 members of the Management Committee arepresent.
  • 6.5.The proceedings of the Management Committee shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among their number or by any failure to appoint a member. The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies which may occur in the offices of President, Vice President, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary or any other offices and to make such bye-laws from time to time as may be deemed to beappropriate.
  • 6.6.Every matter shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members of the Management Committee and anysub-committee.
  • 6.7.The Management Committee shall keep minutes of the proceedings at meetings of the Management Committee and any sub-committee.
  • 6.8.The Management Committee may appoint one or more sub-committees consisting of at least 3 members (Management Committee representatives or other co-opted members as deemed appropriate) for the purpose of performing any function or duty which in the opinion of the Management Committee would be more conveniently undertaken or carried out by a sub-committee. The Management Committee in delegating any of their functions to sub-committees must specify the scope of its activity and powers, the extent to which it can commit the funds of the club, its membership, its duty to report back to the Management Committee. The Management Committee may wind up any sub-committee at any time or change its mandate or operatingterms.
  • 6.9.Whenever a Committee member has a personal interest in a matter to be discussed he/she must declare it, withdraw from that part of the meeting (unless asked to stay), not be counted in the forum for that agenda item and withdraw during the vote and have no vote on the matterconcerned.
  • 7.The Management Committee andOfficials

  • 7.1.Role

The Management Committee shall have the responsibility within the powers defined inSection 4 of these rules, for the management of the Club, its rules, property and affairs.

  • 7.2.Composition
  • 7.2.1.The Management Committee shall consist of at least 10 but not more than 25 members made up as follows:-
  • (a)The President, Vice President, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary who shall be ex officio members.
  • (b)Up to 21 elected members shall be elected annually at the AGM. All members of the Management Committee shall retire from office together at the AG
  • (c)m next after the date on which they came into office but they may be re-elected or re-appointed.
  • (d)The Management Committee shall appoint from within (b) above a Club Welfare Officer to ensure compliance with safeguarding legislation and the ECB Safe Hands policy. The Club Welfare Officer shall report to the Management Committee meetings and the reports, together with any action taken, must beminuted.
  • (e)Any full member of the club may nominate or propose any other full member of the club for election to the Management Committee but no person under the age of 18 may be appointed to the Management Committee. Any member so nominated must also be seconded by anothermember.
  • 7.3.Propertyetc
  • 7.3.1.The property and funds of the Club cannot be used for direct or indirect benefit private benefit of members other than as reasonably allowed by the Rules and all surplus income or profits are to be reinvested in the Club. No surpluses or assets will be distributed to members or thirdparties.
  • 7.3.2.The Club may provide sporting and related social facilities, sporting equipment, coaching, insurance cover, medical treatment;away match expenses,post match refreshments and other ordinary benefits of Community Amateur Sports Clubs as provided for in the Corporation Tax Act2010.
  • 7.3.3.The Club may also in connection with sports purposes of theClub:
  • (a)sell and supply food, drink and related sports clothing andequipment;
  • (b)employ members (though not for playing) and remunerate them for providing goods and services, on fair terms set by the Management Committee without the person concerned beingpresent;
  • (c)pay for reasonable hospitality for visiting teams and guests;and
  • (d)Indemnify the Management Committee and members acting properly in the course of running the Club against any liability incurred in the proper running of the Club (but only to the extent of itsassets).
  • 7.3.4.The Management Committee will have due regard to the law on disability discrimination and the safeguarding of children and vulnerableadults.

7.3.5 Disclosure

Annual club reports and statements of account must be made available for inspection by any member and all club records may be inspected by any Management Committeemember.

8.Annual GeneralMeetings

  • 8.1.The Club will hols an AGM once in every calendar year as soon as practicable after September 30th) and not more than 15 months after the last AGM
  • 8.2.Every AGM shall be called by the Management Committee. The Secretary shall give at least 14 days written notice of the AGM of the Club to all members at their home address giving the date, time and place of such a meeting together with a copy of the agenda and any proposed alterations or additions to the rules. Such notice must also be posted on the Club's general notice board. Members must advise the Secretary in writing of any business to be moved at the AGM at least 7 days before themeeting.
  • 8.3.Nominations of candidates for election of Officers shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least 7 days in advance of the AGMdate.
  • 8.4.AII members of the Club shall be entitled to attend the AGM and vote except that only members of the Management Committee, Life Members and Senior Playing Members (aged 18 and over) shall be entitled to vote at the election of the Team Selection Committee and the election of 1st and 2nd X 1 Captains and ViceCaptains. There shall be a quorum when at least 20 members are present at the meeting. Junior members shall be admitted to the meeting but shall not be allowed to vote and shall not be counted as part of the necessaryquorum.
  • 8.5.The Management Committee shall present to each AGM the reports and accounts of the Club for the preceding year. The Secretary shall render financial accounts duly audited of all the monies received and paid on account of the club for the past year. The club's financial year shall be taken as ending on the 30th September.
  • 8.6.The members will discuss and vote on any resolution and deal with any other business put to themeeting.
  • 8.7.A summary of the business of the AGM shallbe:
  • (a)Confirm the minutes of the previousAGM
  • (b)Receive the Chair's annual report on the Club activities since the previousAGM
  • (c)Elect a Management Committee including a President, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary to serve until the nextAGM
  • (d)Receive the accounts for the Club from the Treasurer for the latest financial year audited as the Committee shalldecide.
  • (e)Appoint a suitable person to audit theaccounts
  • (f)Appoint 151 and 2nd Team Captains, Vice Captains and Team Selection Committee comprising both the captains and 3 elected members under the Chairmanship of the President.
  • (g)Review and determine the annual subscriptions payable for the club's categories ofmembership.
  • (h)Discuss and vote on any resolutions about policy or proposed changes to the rules and deal with any other business put to themeeting.
  • 8.8.The members attending the AGM shall have power to elect as honorary life member any person whose services to the Club may appear to them as deserving of such a distinction and who shall have been previously recommended by The Committee for that honour.
  • 9.Extraordinary General Meetings(EGM)

  • 9.1.The Management Committee may call a special or extraordinary general meeting at anytime.
  • 9.2.If at least 20 members request by signature such a meeting in writing stating the business to be considered, the Secretary shall call such a meeting within 21 days of a request to thateffect.
  • 9.3.Every member shall receive at least 14 days written notice of such a meeting giving the date, time and place of such a meeting together with a copy of the agenda and any proposed alterations or additions to therules.
  • 9.4.Only the business for which the meeting was called shall bediscussed.
  • 9.5.At all meetings of the Club or any Committee, voting shall be by a show of hands,(orbysecretballotifthemeetingshallsodecide)andtheChairmanshall,if thevotingisequal,haveacastingvote.
  • 10.Removal of Membership, Discipline andAppeals

  • 10.1.Any complaints regarding the behaviour of members, guests or volunteers should be lodged in writing with the Secretary.
  • 10.2.Any person that is the subject of a written complaint or appeal shall be notified of the procedures to be followed by the relevant committee in reasonable time to prepare for anyhearing.
  • 10.3.The Management Committee shall appoint a disciplinary sub-committee (Disciplinary Sub-Committee) who will meet to hear complaints within 21 days of a complaint being lodged. Any person requested to attend a Disciplinary Sub-Committee shall be entitled to be accompanied by a friend or other representative and to call witnesses. The Disciplinary Sub-Committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action on behalf of the Management Committee, including the termination of membership or exclusion from Club premises.
  • 10.4.The outcome of the disciplinary hearing shall be put in writing to the person who lodged the complaint and the person against whom the complaint was made within 14 days following thehearing.
  • 10.5.There shall be a right of appeal within 14 days of receipt of the disciplinary decisionordecisiontorefusemembership:
  • 10.5.1.against the Disciplinary Sub-Committee's findings or the sanction imposed or both;and
  • 10.5.2.against the Management Committee's refusal to admit a new member

In either case, the Management Committee shall appoint an appeals committee ("Appeals Committee"). The Appeals Committee shall have a maximum of three members which shall not include members involved with the initial disciplinary hearing but may include non-members of the Club. The Appeals Committee shall consider the appeal within 21days of the Secretary receiving the appeal. The individual who submitted the appeal shall be entitled to be accompanied by a friend or other representative and to call witnesses. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding on allparties.


  • 11.1.The funds of the cricket club, including all donations, contributions and bequests shall be paid into an account operated bythe Management Committee in thenameofthecricketclubatsuchbankastheManagementCommitteeshallfrom timetotimedecide.Allchequesdrawnontheaccountmustbesignedforbyatleast 2 authorised members of the ManagementCommittee.
  • 11.2.The accounts of the Club shall be applied only in furthering the objects of the Club.
  • 11.3.The Management Committee shall ensurethat:
  • (a)full and proper accounting records for all the club's financial transactions are maintained
  • (b)annual statements of income and expenditure are prepared for the club and presented to theAGM
  • (c)the statement of accounts are independently examined andaudited.

12.Property Trustees

  • 12.1.The land and buildings of the Club are vested in 4 Trustees who hold the same subject to, and in accordance with the provisions of the Trust Deed dated 21st October 1947. The trustees shall hold the same for and on behalf of the members of theClub.
  • 12.2.The Management Committee shall have power by notice in writing to appoint such trustees from the membership of the Club, and may remove them at any time, by resolution of theCommittee.
  • 12.3.The trustees shall deal with the Club's property and assets as directed by the Management Committee from time totime.
  • 12.4.The trustees shall be entitled to be indemnified against any cost or expenseproperlyincurredindealingwiththepropertyortheassetsoutof the Club'sfunds.


The Committee may make Club Regulations consistent with these Rules and will publicise these to the members.


  • 14.1.Notices to be sent out in accordance with these Rules may be sent by hand, by post or by suitable electronic means and will be treated as being received:
  • 14.1.1. 24 hours after being sent by electronic means or delivered by hand to the relevantaddress;
  • 14.1.2.Two clear days after being sent by first class post;or
  • 14.1.3.Three clear days after being sent by second classpost.
  • 14.2.Notice of all general meetings must also be put on the Club's notice board(s) and website (ifany).
  • 14.3.A technical defect in the giving of notice of which the members or the Committeeareunawareatthetimedoesnotinvalidatedecisionstakenat ameeting.


  • 15.1.These Rules may be amended at a general meeting by resolution passed by two-thirds of the votes cast but not so as to jeopardise the Club'sstatus

as a Community Amateur Sports Club as first provided for by the Corporation Tax Act 2010 and not in any event to alter its purposes (unless the procedure set out in 14.2 has been followed) or winding up provisions.

  • 15.2.The Club Purposes may be changed to include another eligible sport if the Management Committee unanimously agree and the members also agreed the change by a 75% majority of votescast.

16.Sale of IntoxicatingLiquor

  • 16.1.The Management Committee shall have the power to determine the frequency and hours of opening of the bar within the limits of existing LicensingLaws
  • 16.2.The Management Committee shall have the power to apply for an extension to these hours on specialoccasions.
  • 16.3.The purchase for the Club and the supply of intoxicating liquor shall be managed by the Management Committee and in particular:

(a)No person shall be paid at the expense of the Club any commission, percentage or similar payment on or with reference to purchase of intoxicating liquor by theClub

  • (b)Any pecuniary benefit from the supply of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club to members or guests (apart from any benefit which a person may derive indirectly by reason of the supply giving rise to or contributing a general gain from carrying on of the Club) shall accrue to the Club as a whole and be enjoyed by the members, in the form of reduced prices for intoxicating liquors or imposed amenities or other benefits at the Club premises at the discretion of the Management Committee.
  • 16.4.The Management Committee shall cause proper accounts of the purchase and supply of intoxicating liquor to be kept, and shall present at every AGM of the Club, a report and financial statement for the precedingyear
  • 16.5.A member may personally introduce guests into the Club premises providedthat;

(a) BothmemberandguestmustsigntheirnameintheVisitorsBook

  • (b)A member may not introduce the same guest on more than 3 occasions in oneyear
  • (c)A member introducing a guest shall be responsible to the Management Committee for the conduct of suchguests

Intoxicating liquor may be sold to such guest by and on behalf of the Club for consumption on thepremises.

17.Winding up theClub

  • 17.1.The members may vote to wind up the Club if not less than three quarters of those present and voting support that proposal at a properly convened generalmeeting.
  • 17.2.The Committee will then be responsible for the orderly winding up of the Club'saffairs.
  • 17.3.After settling all liabilities of the Club, the Committee shall dispose of the net assets remaining to one or more of thefollowing:
  • 17.3.1.to another Club with similar sports purposes which is a charity; and/or
  • 17.3.2.to another Club with similar sports purposes which is a registered CASC;and/or
  • 17.3.3.to the Club's national governing body for use by them for related communitysports.


Where there is any conflict between any of the key rules on Purpose, Membership, Property and Funds and Winding Up and any other rules in the Constitution, the key rules will take overriding priority. Interpretation of all the rules must be consistent with the statutory requirements for Community Amateur Sports Clubs as first provided for by the Finance Act 2002.

Adopted at a meeting held

at Woodhouses Cricket Club

on 8th November 2010

Signed MR. I. A. Pickles

Chairman Woodhouses CC

Witnessed Name Mr. M.D.W.Heppell

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